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Our Mission is to seek out underpriviledged youths, invest and nurture them so that they can further grow. Salang is the Korean word for “Love”. Salang Foundation is a not for profit organization dedicated to helping youths in underpriviledged situations, specifically Asia. We provide financial, educational and strategic business aid to further nurture success.


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A New Scholarship Opportunity in Vietnam

Posted on Jun 20 by

Salang Foundation is very excited to announce that we are trying to set up a scholarship program for underprivileged students looking for opportunities to go to college. We have identified a partner college and have already begun raising awareness of our scholarship! The selection process will start from September, and we have a program coordinator living in Vietnam to help with this process. More information will come...


Armdri Day Care in Seoul Korea

Posted on Jul 2 by

We are currently supporting Armdri Day Care in Korea. Armdri Daycare is a housing center aimed to help disabled children whose parents cannot provide adequate care. They provide housing, meals, medical care, and education such as music or art. Last year, we visited the daycare and had the opportunity to interact with these children and see how well they were doing at this center. The staff was very caring and voiced that they needed a lot of prayer for them and the children! Stay tuned for more...


Love Concert in Seoul Korea

Posted on Jun 20 by

In the month of June, Salang Foundation held a music concert in Seoul, Korea. We sponsored many students and professional musicians to showcase their talents to the underprivileged youth in the area. Acts ranged from jazz and gospel singers, to classical piano songs. The underprivileged youths came from the many orphanages in Korea. They had a great time in listening to music and some were even inspired to learn how to play or...