Salang, or 사랑, is the word for love in Korean. Salang Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping youths in underprivileged situations, specifically in Asia with our main focus being in Korea.  From time to time we will add new stories and photos from different parts of the world to our online blog.  We invite you to checkout our blog and learn more about how Salang has helped different students.


Our mission is to train and invest in underprivileged youths to help start up businesses and companies.

We also will strive to provide aid in the form of scholarships and grants to individuals in need. This aid will pave the way for growth of these investments.

Our ultimate goal is to use this process to create a self-sustaining model that will provide support for the underprivileged from the fruits of those invested in.



We select and invest in promising underprivileged youths.


We provide financial, educational and strategical business aid to further nurture success.


Using the growth, the investments fund the subsequent ventures.